Introducing Valerus 20.2

We’ve upgraded Valerus with powerful features like mobile video streaming, enhanced health dashboards, and improved cybersecurity tools so you can react quicker, monitor more efficiently and protect your assets better than ever.


New Features

Interactive Mapping

Get a precise view of camera location and layout, enabling you to respond to trouble more quickly. Valerus offers the ability to download detailed maps and overlay camera icons directly onto it, to create a visual reference of your system.


Tag video for future reference. Valerus provides the ability to create a bookmark related to a specific video feed. This allows the user to flag video sequences of particular interest and add descriptive notes, so information can be easily shared.


Event Search

You can now search footage for critical events such as motion detection, tampered images, NVR connection lost, camera connection lost, external events or analytics services.


Take Advantage of These Amazing Offers

Don’t have an existing Valerus installation? See for yourself why Valerus is considered the easiest VMS you’ll ever use.

Free Valerus Starter Software

For anyone who doesn’t already use a VMS

Experience the simplicity of Valerus through a FREE Valerus CORE license that includes 35 device connections.

  • Non-Vicon device connections can be purchased at 50% off normal discounted price.

Limit: One CORE license per registered end user. Each free license requires proper end user registration information prior to activation. The maximum combination of camera connections per system license (free and purchased) is 35. Offer includes software and activation license only, cameras, servers and other hardware sold separately. Requires purchase of 3-year software maintenance program. License must be registered and activated by 3/31/20. Promotion limited geographically to EMEA.

Replace and Upgrade Existing Software for Free

For anyone who uses a competing VMS

Swap your old competing VMS for Valerus and receive a free Valerus ENTERPRISE license with a matching number of device connections.

  • Includes the active number of existing cameras connected to the competitive VMS being replaced.

Limit: One ENTERPRISE license per registered end user. Total number of free connections included in the license requires verification via a screen capture of competitive system configuration. Requires purchase of 3-year software maintenance program. Any add-on device connections necessary in the future must be purchased. License must be registered and activated by 3/31/20. Promotion limited geographically to EMEA.

All offers above are valid to authorized Vicon resellers located in Europe, Middle East, and Africa only. To apply outside EMEA, please visit this page. Vicon reserves the right to deny offers above without necessary registration information. Device connections are via ONVIF or RTSP protocols only. Special functionality may not be supported. Offer is eligible for Valerus 18.2 or Valerus 20.

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