High-Resolution 4K Cameras Deliver Sharper Images While Providing Broader Coverage and Edge-based Analytics


Available in three form factors; bullet, PTZ and dome, these cameras are a prime example of high-end options at their best, delivering Ultra-High Definition (UHD) images and providing 4K resolution in real time. The high quality images also improve video analytics performance, particularly in scenes covering large areas.

These 4K cameras deliver superior Ultra HD resolution video with 4× the detail of 1080p (8 MP).

The latest in professional grade video technology ensures clear identification in almost any lighting environment.

Equipped with industry leading H.265 compression, these cameras offer significant bandwidth and video storage capacity over older compression technologies.
Boasting a sleek modern design and offering 4K high-definition images, the cameras are suited for a wide range of outdoor applications. The environments that it would flourish in are, but not limited to, city surveillance, prisons, parking lots, transportation, e.g. airports, stations or hub terminals, or Industrial environments, e.g. port facilities and industrial plants.

These cameras can be used with Vicon Valerus™ as well as many other popular VMS systems; each VMS may support different camera functions. The cameras are accessible through a single IP address, so only one video management software license is needed with many video management systems.

V988 Edge-based Intelligent Video Analytics

The V988 delivers highly scalable and flexible video analytics architecture based on intelligence at the edge, meaning processing the video within the network camera. Intelligent video analytics reliably detects, tracks, and analyzes moving objects while suppressing unwanted alarms from false sources in the video.

These cameras’ portfolio of video analytics targets different customer types and usage scenarios, such as: Camera Tampering Detection, Intelligent Motion Detection, Intrusion Detection, Line Detection, Loitering Detection and Object Classification.

V988D-W311MIR Dome Cameras

V988B-W311MIR Bullet Cameras

SN688D-WIR HD PTZ Cameras