VAX Access Control 2.9.60 – New Features


The latest features of VAX enhance the ability to maximize administrative efficiency and streamline operations while further simplifying the user experience at every step of the way. The latest features being introduced in VAX version 2.9.60 include support for our new Master Multi-Door and I/O Controllers, advanced unmanaged door functionalities, improved panel update speed, new monitoring menu notification layout options, new ACE actions, and support for fixed site codes.

Details of the newly added features are highlighted below:

Master Multi-Door Controller

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Master Multi-Door Controller is a compact, powerful and cost-effective 2-8 door traditional style controller. Rather than having to install separate 2-door controllers, this kit encompasses a master controller and up to four 2-door expansion boards in a metal enclosure to control up to 8-doors.

These kits are ideal for applications where security, space, time, and budget are important considerations.

Designed for equipment room mounting and retrofits. All master controllers support:

> Live Firmware Update allows you to update a panel’s firmware directly from the software with minimal to no down time.

>Panel Actions allow custom actions to be executed at the panel level without any form of required connection to the server. These can be executed from inputs, triple swipes or user credential presentations.

> Input and Output Time zones. You can now define On/Off schedules for an output and monitored/unmonitored schedules for inputs. Holiday schedules can also be defined.

> Flexible Input Actions allow you to associate custom actions to all input types, no longer just aux inputs. It’s now simple to execute additional logic when a door opens or a REX is activated.

Monitoring Menu Notification Layout Options

Previously, there were no tile options and notifications appear one after another with small badge photos. New layout options include horizontal tiles, horizontal large tiles, vertical tiles or vertical large tiles (see photos below). This provides a clear presentation of the last 12-18 reader events in multiple view layouts.

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Improved Panel Update Speed

Drastic improvements have been made to the speed and reliability of our panel updates for both our current generation VAX-1D/VAX-2D over-the-door and elevator/IO controllers and our new Master multi-door and I/O controllers, with performance improvements in excess of 400% in some circumstances.

Support for Fixed Site Codes

Using a fixed site code for installations where the site codes are not available or consistent is now supported. Enabling fixed site code will ignore the site code present on the credential and use a predetermined site code of 60,000. Where possible, it is still recommended to use the site code on the credential for improved security.

ACE Actions

The Action Control Engine (ACE) implements global linking in an easy-to-use customized GUI. It provides users with tools to solve unique access control situations and custom define the Access Group and Notifications.

A high-performance engine allows simultaneous action executions and scalability limited only by the hardware it’s running on. This intuitive, easy to use action plan editor allows you to create complex action plans in minutes. Mix and match over 40 customizable actions to create complex branching action plans to meet your business needs.

Deliver a better, simplified user experience, while accommodating the complex and shifting customer needs.

Add/Remove User from Access Group

A dedicated action to make configuration easier and improve performance has been added.

Set Custom Field

The value of a user’s custom field can now be set directly from an action. There is no more requirement to use the API for this.

Notify Administrator

This allows the display of a popup to one or more administrators. The popup can include custom text, images or even display a camera.

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