Drawing and specification tools

Make it simple to include Vicon products in your designs


Vicon is pleased to offer a wide range of design tools to make inclusion of our products within architectural plans as simple as possible. Use the links below to visit the BIMobject® (formerly AutoDesk Seek) Library, where you can download CAD drawings, RTF files and printable product specs for inclusions in the planning, bid and design stages of your projects. In addition, we now offer REVIT models that combine to-scale, 3D renderings with embedded attributes and specifications that are important for integration of a security management system within an overall building infrastructure. Use these, in conjunction with Building Information Management (BIM) software, to keep all building plans current and accurate.

How to Use Vicon’s REVIT Models for Security Cameras
Architects, Engineers and Consultants who include security systems in their plans will find it incredibly easy to use Vicon’s REVIT models, available through the BIMobject® (formerly AutoDesk Seek) Library. Just drag and drop the cameras into your architectural plans and all the other work is done for you. The models even show the field of that the cameras will cover.


Vicon hardware CAD drawings, RTF files and specs