A 3-function keypad configured via a single USB cable.


The VN-KEYPAD is a desk-top style multi-function system keypad designed to operate with Vicon’s Valerus and ViconNet® Digital Video Management systems, including the ViconNet Virtual Matrix Display Controller that simulates the performance of a traditional matrix control system. The keypad connects to Valerus, ViconNet or VMDC as a serial device via its USB cable. Up to 5 keypads can connect to the same device.

The keypad provides for standard camera, monitor and preset selections, as well as standard PTZ, lens, auxiliary relay, lens speed, auto-pan and auto-iris controls supported by the VMS. Macros in ViconNet, as well as views and tours in Valerus, can also be started and stopped. Additionally, the keypad provides access to multi-screen controls, Quick Playback and Playback Speed.

The keypad functions can be inverted to accommodate either right-handed (joystick on the right) or left-handed (joystick on the left) control with a simple setup procedure. The function label is then easily removed and turned 180° to correctly identify the key functionality.

The keypad employs a three function, proportional joystick for pan, tilt and zoom control. A twist control on the joystick controls zoom functions; focus and iris are simple pushbutton controls. A standard numerical keypad, as well as camera and monitor select keys, are provided.

A set of keys offers special functions, including display options, Macro, View, Tour and Mode selection where supported by the VMS, as well as Preset and Alarm. Shift will be used with other keys for additional functions (future feature).

A Jog/Shuttle wheel, which provides Frame Advance or Reverse and Fast Forward and Reverse, and buttons for Record, Freeze, Play and Stop are provided.

Finished in black, the keypad has tactile robust push buttons. Power is supplied via the USB.


  • Compatible with Valerus and ViconNet control systems, including VMDC
  • Connection via USB as a serial device
  • 3 function proportional joystick for pan, tilt and zoom
  • Backlit rubber keys
  • Jog/Shuttle for playback
  • Fits both right and left-handed operators