16-Channel Valerus Encoder H.264


The VLR-ENC-16 encoder is the perfect solution for hybrid systems, as it simplifies the migration to network video without upgrading existing analog camera systems. The encoder network-enables up to 16 existing analog cameras and creates an IP-based system, allowing integration with the full range of features of Vicon’s Valerus VMS. Customers benefit from leveraging the latest VMS technology while maintaining their legacy investments.

The encoder is based on ONVIF standards and therefore easily interfaces with Valerus VMS and other ONVIF compliant VMS. It incorporates high-quality video and audio encoding compression technology and is designed to support up to 960H, AHD and TVI analog cameras for high-definition quality. AHD/TVI open standard HD analog formats provide 720P and 1080P video over standard coaxial cable; CVBS is traditional standard analog format (up to 960H).

The encoder can be used as a standalone product or as part of a Valerus VMS solution. It supports all types of analog cameras, including PTZ domes with full control over RS-485. The encoder easily mounts on a desktop or in a standard 19” rack.

What are the best uses for the encoder?
The encoder can simplify migration to network video without completely upgrading existing analog camera systems. By upgrading to an IP-based system with Vicon’s video encoder, customers gain increased flexibility in camera management while utilizing existing cameras and cabling.  Following are three examples that illustrate how the encoder can work with legacy infrastructure:

The simplest option maintains all pre-existing cameras and cabling; installing the encoder allows the user to leverage the latest VMS capabilities. The user’s only investment is the encoder.

This second option utilizes the existing infrastructure for the analog system but upgrades the system with new HD analog cameras. This improves picture quality while minimizing labor costs of cable installation. In this case, the investment includes both the encoder and new cameras.

A third option combines keeping some of the good quality legacy analog cameras that are then complemented by some new HD analog cameras, providing HD video as needed. The investment is the encoder and a few cameras and, as with the other options, cost is reduced by using pre-existing cables and some cameras.

These three scenarios show how it is possible to create an updated IP-based system to fit any budget. It allows cameras to be added as needed, which ensures customers can future-proof their investment and continue to add the latest security technology without overhauling its total infrastructure. Eventually, the analog cameras will be replaced with IP models as needed and budget allows.


  • 16 channel analog ONVIF encoder optimized for Valerus VMS*
  • Supports CVBS (standard analog) up to 960H and AHD and TVI HD analog formats
  • Up to 480fps for CVBS, 960H, 720P (analog HD)
  • Up to 240fps for 1080P (analog HD)
  • 4 audio inputs* and 4 alarm inputs
  • Motion detection for each channel
  • PTZ control via RS485 (including Vicon protocol)
  • Requires a 3rd party license in Valerus
  • *Does not work with ViconNet VMS
    ** Will be supported soon


Model numberDescription
VLR-ENC-16ONVIF-based 16-channel encoder; supports AHD, TVI and analog cameras with up to 960H
resolution; 12 VDC

Mounting options

The VLR-ENC-16 can be mounted on a desktop using the rubber feet provided or rack mounted in a standard 19-inch rack.

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