Mounts two units in a standard 19-inch rack
The H264-ENCDR-RK2 is two-unit mounting rack for the ViconNet encoder H264-ENCDR. It is designed to mount two units, side-by-side, in a standard 19-inch Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) racking system. This enables users to efficiently install and organize their encoder setup.


• Rack mounts designed to fit in standard 19-inch EIA racks
• Model designed to mount two, side-by-side encoder units
• Neat attractive appearance and easy installation


Model number Description
H264-ENCDR-RK2 Rack mounting kit. Mounts two H264-ENCDR units in a rack.


Model number Height in. (mm) Depth in. (mm) Weight lb (kg) Shipping weight lb (kg) Construction
H264-ENCDR-RK2 1.72 (44) 6.60 (168) 2.25 (1.02) 4.45 (2.0) Steel, painted black

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Two-Unit Mounting Rack H264 ENCDR-RK2 Documentation

Product code 8959-30
Data/spec sheet English-US German
Specification English-US
Installation and operation English-US

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