Mounts up to eight units in a standard 19-inch rack
The H264-ENCDR-RK8 is an eight-unit mounting rack for the ViconNet encoder H264-ENCDR. It is designed to mount up to eight units vertically in a five-unit configuration. This enables users to efficiently install and organize their encoder setup.


• Model designed to accommodate up to eight encoder units
• Units can be configured vertically in a five-unit configuration
• Neat attractive appearance and easy installation

Mounting Rack Models

Model numberDescription
H264-ENCDR-RK8Rack mounting kit. Mounts up to eight H264-ENCDR units vertically in a five-unit, 19-in. rack.


Model numberHeight in. (mm)Depth in. (mm)Weight lb (kg)Shipping weight lb (kg)Construction
H264-ENCDR-RK88.75 (222)6.25 (159)5.5 (2.5)8 (3.6)Zinc-plated steel, aluminum handles

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Two-unit mounting rack H264-ENCDR-2RK
Mounting rack designed to accommodate up to two, side-by-side encoder units.

Vertical mount H264-ENCDR-WM
Vertical mounting rack designed to mount one encoder unit to a wall or vertical surface.


Eight-Unit Mounting Rack H264 ENCDR-8RK Documentation

Product code8959-65
Data/spec sheet English-US German
Installation and operation English-US

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