Minimizing Total Cost of Ownership: Tips to Cut Long-Term Security Costs

Wednesday August 17 at 1 PM EDT / 10 AM PDT

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How much for that VMS? Its total cost of ownership may surprise you!

Businesses are always looking to optimize their ROI wherever possible, including from their security infrastructure. Determining the ROI for your enterprise VMS and reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) isn’t easy–but it isn’t impossible. While there isn’t a magic formula to estimate your TCO, decision-makers must know where to look for hidden expenses and the right questions to ask.

In this webinar SVP of Sales and Marketing, Bret McGowan, will explore how:

  • Purchase decisions should be based on long-term costs, not just the initial CAPEX investment
  • Different licensing models and fees can pack a disproportionate financial wallop
  • Mandatory upgrades and upgrade protection plans can affect TCO
  • Installation and support can jack up the burdened labor rate significantly
  • Proactive health monitoring can prevent unnecessary (and costly!) truck rolls
  • The manufacturer’s tech support policies can affect pricing
  • A TCO calculator can help you determine a system’s long-term cost


Bret McGowan, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Vicon

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