The Easiest VMS You’ll Ever Use

Meet Valerus: the most intuitive video management system on the market. We’ve loaded Valerus with an arsenal of powerful tools to simplify IT, streamline your surveillance and improve security. All in an easy-to-use package.

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Why Choose Valerus VMS?

Improve Operational Efficiency

Our user-centric design means you spend less time configuring and troubleshooting, and more time monitoring.

Reduce IT

As one of the only truely thin-client platforms on the market, Valerus is uniquely qualified to reduce IT time from installation to upgrades.

Scales with You

Our tiered licensing gives your business room to grow. Upgrade seamlessly whenever you’re ready.

Powered by a Robust & Intuitive Feature Set

Valerus offers a full suite of powerful tools and integrations designed to simplify IT, improve operational efficiencies and streamline forensic investigations.

Key Features & Benefits

Simplify Installation and Maintenance

Simplify installation and reduce maintenance with one of the only truly thin-client video management solutions on the market. You can also access Valerus anywhere and anytime from our mobile app.

Benefits of Thin-Client

  • No need to install custom software on each workstation
  • All updates, maintenance and app changes occur on the central server, not on individual workstations
  • Centralized data ensures complete backups and simple data recovery
  • Simplifies cybersecurity by keeping business-critical data on a single, controlled, and secure server

Better Visualize Your Security Operations

Improve response time by replacing confusing camera trees and groups. With interactive mapping, you can easily see a visual representation of your system, get instant notification of alarms, and watch live or recorded playback right from the map.

Protect Your Data

NVR Failover technology and Server Redundancy ensure peace of mind. We offer failover servers to ensure recording in the event of NVR failure along with Application Server redundancies for data backups.

Recording failover ensures continuous recording in the event of a NVR failure

Application Server redundancy backs up all system settings and takes over in the event of a primary failure

The Easiest VMS You'll Ever Use

Simple install supported by auto discovery, centralized global programming, a single license key and remote updates

Industry open standards ensures compatibility across various hardware suppliers

Health Dashboard gives you global status of the entire system at a glance

Access anytime, anywhere. Easily access through our browser-based application or with our IOS and Android mobile apps

IT Management & Cybersecurity

Valerus supports today’s IT infrastructure and cybersecurity needs

IT Management

Active Directory:  Centralized IT management of users, access and profiles

Thin-client topology: Eliminates the need to install and maintain software

Internet gateway module:  Access from the WWW through a single IP with minimal configuration

Standard software tools: Built on .NET servers running as Windows service


HTTPS and SSL Support: Ensures secure connections throughout the system

Enforce Complex Passwords: Optional requirement to ensure your organization is safe

STIG Certification: To enhance and ensure overall hardware cybersecurity levels ( upon request)

GSA Certified: Approved for all Federal Government requirements

Video and Access Control Working Together

Improve situational awareness and streamline post-incident investigations with our VAX Access Control integration. The centralized interface allows you to tie video to access control events, giving you better resources for monitoring and investigations.

Easily Manage Events, Alarms and System Reactions

Valerus makes it easy to manage events, set alarms and other important system notifications to improve your reaction time.

Self Learning Analytics Offer Real-Time Notifications and Powerful Search

Valerus SmartAction

Real-time event detections and alerts

Valerus SmartSearch

Perform enhanced video searches

Valerus Business Intelligence

Define statistical analysis tasks

Optimize Your Reaction Time

A variety of forensic tools ensure you always have the best option to find, review and export events.

Museum Search

Thumbnail Search

Event Search

Ready to see how Valerus can simplify your security?

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