Thermal Sensor Series

A groundbreaking combination of continuous 360-degree thermal and optical technology that can detect intruders up to 500 meters away.

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Product Highlights

  • Thermal detection and tracking of intruders up to 500 m in a 360° panoramic view
  • Integrated high-speed PTZ provides real-time tracking
  • Geospatial tracking on localized maps
  • Excellent performance regardless of lighting or weather conditions
  • Dual inputs to VMS provide PTZ image and multi-screen customized thermal display  
  • One thermal unit can replace up to 8 fixed cameras  
  • Perfect for large storage yards, parking lots, power plants or other secure areas 

360-Degree Situational Awareness

Does the Work of Over 8 Traditional Cameras

The thermal sensor with integrated PTZ covers such a wide area that it can replace over 8 traditional cameras.


Day or Night Protection

Having the power of both thermal and optical technologies allows you to protect your property day or night and allows you to find intruders you might otherwise miss.


Powerful Analytics

Not only does the Thermal Sensor provide person and vehicle detection–it also allows you to detect fires and monitor equipment temperatures.


How It Works


The thermal imager spins 360-degrees every two seconds searching for active targets.  


The feed is then streamed into the VMS with a range of playback and viewing options, along with precise GPS coordinates of the possible intrusion.


When integrated with our SN683D-WIR or V2002D-PTZ, the sensor detects a target which is then sent to the PTZ that automatically tracks the threat.

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