Introducing the Roughneck Pro 32 MP Multi-Sensor

When: Wednesday, February 23 at 1PM EST / 10AM PST

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Meet one of the only Multi-Sensors in the industry with 4K varifocal lenses, remote positioning and advanced imaging features such as Starlight low-light imaging and IR illumination. This powerful NDAA-compliant camera is a game changer – eliminating tedious installations traditionally associated with traditional cameras and delivering powerful imaging so you never miss another critical moment.

Join our Director of Learning and Development, George Umansky, in this informative session to:

  • Understand the visual difference between our existing 20 MP and our new 32 MP, helping differentiate which resolution works best for your application
  • Be the first to view a special unboxing that helps viewers understand the straightforward installation
  • View interactive demos of available presets and custom views, helping determine which field-of-view best eliminates existing blind spots
  • Review ideal applications where the multi-sensor flourishes in, so you can get the most of your camera
  • Q&A to review any lingering questions


Date February 23rd at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST


George Umansky, Director of Learning and Development