Introducing Vicon's New Multi-Sensor and Thermal Biometric Kiosks

Tuesday, January 26th at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST

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The Future of Surveillance:

Vicon welcomes 2021 with the release of two highly anticipated product launches: the release of the V1000 360° Multi-Sensor Series and the Thermal Biometric Kiosk. Both solutions are designed to proactively detect critical events and safeguard your infrastructure.


The V1000 360° Multi-Sensor is a versatile camera that eliminates blind spots via four independently adjustable sensors to monitor extremely vast areas. During the webinar, we’ll review how we’ve strategically engineered this series for easy integration, unlimited field of views and more.

We’ll then move on to the Thermal Biometric Kiosk and how it can increase the safety of your facility. As we await the wide release of the COVID-19 vaccine, it is important to secure your infrastructure with contactless thermal measurement readings to proactively protect your employees, students, patients, customers and more. We’ll also review key differences between the Thermal Biometric Kiosk and our Thermal Body Temperature Measurement unit to understand which option best meets your demands.


Tuesday, January 26th at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST