AI-Based Analytics Have Arrived!

Our new suite of AI-Based Analytics combine with Valerus VMS to deliver powerful object classification, tracking, recording, and forensic searching, further establishing our end-to-end solutions.

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Advantages of AI-Based Analytic Solutions

Plug-and-Play (No Setup Required)
Connect your Roughneck AI camera to Valerus 23.1 and you’re ready to send/receive metadata or perform object-based recording and Museum Search
Real-time Meaningful Alarms
Get instantly notified about events that are important to you, like people or vehicles in a restricted area, without being distracted by meaningless nuisance alarms
More Efficient Searches
Filter out non-relevant video in post-incident searches so you can find the info you need faster and easier

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Object-Based Recording & AI Filters

Watch our short video now to see how object-based recording and AI filters eliminate non-relevant video so you can find what you need easier and faster

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