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When Indiana’s Shelbyville Central School District recently upgraded its video surveillance system to a ViconNet IP solution, it turned to Red Hawk Fire & Security of Indianapolis for assistance. To make it happen as quickly and easily as possible, Red Hawk turned to Vicon Professional Services.

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Coulston School with Camera 2.

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The job encompassed three elementary schools and a middle school, with the installation of approximately 125 network cameras recording to 3 NVRs. Jeff Edwards, Operations Manager at Red Hawk Indianapolis, explains, “We had been installing Vicon products for years, but working with IP cameras is relatively new for us. It was obvious that Vicon’s Professional Services team could handle the configuration and programming of all the cameras and network components a whole lot faster and more efficiently than we could.” With that in mind, Red Hawk chose to purchase a Professional Services package from Vicon as a means to deliver superior service to their customer, Shelbyville Central Schools.

To begin the process, Mr. Edwards and the District’s IT Department mapped out the intended placement for each of the new cameras and developed a scheme for how the cameras would be identified within the ViconNet interface. The cameras were assigned names and placed into logical groups that would allow for intuitive camera call up by the system operators.

Then they worked with Vicon to complete a series of forms that would provide all the necessary information for each component to be custom configured within the network. Recording quality, FPS and
compression format was established for each camera, and each was assigned to an NVR for recording.

At this point, Vicon’s Professional Services team took over. All basic programming, associations, recording macros and licensing were performed at Vicon’s headquarters, and as each component was processed, it was carefully labeled to indicate its intended placement at the installation site. Labels were placed both on the actual devices and, for easy identification prior to unpacking, on the exterior of their boxes.

In addition, components for each of the four schools were boxed in separate, labeled cartons to simplify distribution prior to installation.

Vicon shipped all cartons to Red Hawk, and Red Hawk then easily delivered the correct cameras and NVRs to each school without opening any of the cartons.

Shelbyville Box Art.

Installation was virtually a plug-and-play operation. The system was licensed prior to shipment, so once cameras were mounted and connected to the network, they were fully operational. All Red Hawk had to do was aim and focus each camera.

Following installation and final commissioning of the system, a Professional Services workbook was delivered to Shelbyville Central School District to serve as a single go-to resource if future maintenance or support issues arise. All system licensing and configuration information for each component is detailed in the workbook. The workbook also includes CDs that contain documentation and software and a list of technical support phone numbers, emails and online help resources.

With the system complete, administrators at each school can now view cameras at their own location, while the Superintendent and District IT Department can view and control the entire system from a centralized monitoring station. In addition, ViconNet’s web viewer allows senior administrators to securely view any camera from anywhere using a standard web browser.

Jeff Edwards speaks for his office when he says, “Vicon Professional Services made the process incredibly easy, eliminating so many of the typical on-site hassles. I’ll never do another job without it.”

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