Our IQaccess on-camera intelligent software makes it easy to know when someone is at the door. With a video intercom you can both speak to and hear someone at the door, to check who they are to confirm if you want to let them in.

Whenever IQaccess is triggered, a video alert window pops up in every IQaccess enabled Windows® PC and lets the responder perform an action such as: open a door, activate an alarm, turn on lights or control any other device you have connected to your IQeye camera’s relay output.



  • Field upgradeable
  • Up to 8 local or remote users
  • Free downloadable client software
  • Free camera application license
  • Two-way audio
  • After hours scheduling
  • Password protected
  • Triggered by external device (contact closure) or on-camera motion detection

IQaccess software


IQaccess is easy to install and operate – simply install the client software and register the IQeye camera and you’re done. IQaccess is perfect as a remote attendant and notification tool to alert the staff when a client or customer is waiting or is somewhere they shouldn’t be. It’s also a perfect tool for verifying who is at the door before letting them in.

Key applications include educational facilities, retail shops, healthcare facilities and campuses, hotel front desk, corporate offices and loading docks.

Model numberIQaccess software
Flyer English-US
A&E Spec English-US
Utility English-US

IQaccess intercom


The IQaccess intercom box is a fully-compatible wall mount intercom box. It is ideal for use in installations using both audio and cameras, as it provides audio capability for for IQeye cameras using the IQaccess software. The vandal-resistant, bi-directional audio capability allows operators to interact with visitors at the door.

Model numberIQACCESS-INT
Data/spec sheet English-US

Supported IQeye models

 CameraCompatible models
IQeye Alliance-mxIQM61WR,  IQM62WR, IQM63WR, IQM65NR
IQeye Alliance-miniIQD61WV, IQD62WV, IQD63WV,  IQD65NV
IQB9 SeriesAll IQB9 models
Sentinel SeriesAll Sentinel models; limited IQaccess (no audio)
IQeye 7 seriesIQ761WI, IQ762WI,  IQ763WI, IQ765NI