Ground Loop Corrector

Ground loop transformer V235GLTA-1
The V235GLTA-1 ground loop transformer is a passive ground loop correction device for coaxial control systems such as Vicoax®. It differentially nullifies the alternating current (AC) that can occur in the video cable shield as a result of differing voltage potentials at each end of the shield. The difference in potential can arise from bridging of two power distribution systems supplying the camera and monitor in which the level of electrical ground varies.

Designed specifically for a coaxial control system, the V235GLTA-1 protects and restores the video signal. Ground loops are a common cause of video distortion. Undesirable symptoms include ‘hum’ that appears on one or more horizontal bars, horizontal tearing or pulling, and vertical rolling.

Note: Signals are attenuated by approximately 30 percent (3 dB) by the V235GLTA-1.


• Prevents video-signal distortion caused by ground loops
• Passive device for coaxial control systems, including Vicoax
• Small compact design
• Easy installation