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Valerus VMS
License Tier Comparison Chart
Software Features Datasheet
Software User Guide
Software Installation Manual
Service Indicators Guide
Internet Access (Internet Gateway) Guide
Software A&E Spec
Hardware Performance Guide
Serial Host/PLC Protocol
Application Server Redundancy Guide
NVR Failover Guide
Valerus Chrome Extension I&O Guide/Release Notes
Valerus Thick Client
Connecting to Mobile Device/Media Server
Video Authentication
Valerus-ViconNet Gateway
A&E Specification
Valerus Integrations
Recording Servers/Network Video Recorders (NVRs)
Data/spec sheet (Recording Server)
Data/spec sheet (Shadow Server)
Datasheet (NVR with PoE Switch)
Hardware Installation manual
NVR with PoE Install Sheet
Hardware A&E spec
Application/Web Servers and Viewing Stations
Data/spec sheet (App Server/Web Server/Client)
Hardware Installation Manual
Hardware A&E Spec
Data/spec sheet (Application Server – 2RU)
Data/spec sheet (Workstation – desktop)
Data/spec sheet (Application Server – mini)
16-Channel Valerus Encoder VLR-ENC-16
Data/spec sheet
Quick Guide
A&E Spec
VLR-485-DL Distribution Line
Installation Guide