Latin America’s Largest Paper Producer, Bio-PAPPEL, Chooses Vicon Solutions for Enterprise Security

Award-Winning Management Team Values Vicon’s Capabilities


Bio-PAPPEL, the largest paper producer in Mexico and Latin America with over $700 million in annual sales, is also one of the world’s most socially responsible companies. Deeply committed to bio-sustainability – 100% of the company’s products are manufactured without cutting down a single tree – the company has also been honored for its outstanding labor relations, corporate governance, support for diversity, gender equality and philanthropic efforts.

Bio-PAPPEL’s visionary management extends to its implementation of an advanced HD surveillance system to protect inventory and employees inside their country-wide corporate enterprise. For this, it turns to Vicon’s end-to-end video surveillance solutions. Vicon software and cameras are currently installed in over 20 Bio-PAPPEL locations, with more scheduled for installation in the near future.

Project Scope
Bio-PAPPEL’s corporate enterprise extends throughout Mexico and includes manufacturing plants, recovery and recycling operations, distribution centers and corporate offices. With people throughout multiple locations, with various levels of experience, using the Valerus system with its simple interface was imperative. While great variation exists in the specific activities performed at each type of facility, security objectives remain constant across all of them. Ing. Daniel Rodriguez, Bio-PAPPEL’s Director of Physical Security, explains, “The Company is consistently focused on internal security, including surveillance of manufacturing processes and employees, and we’re using the Valerus systems to accomplish this. As a result of the system, we have very little product loss or theft.” Altogether, there are currently close to 1000 Vicon cameras installed across the many properties, along with software servers and NVRs at each Vicon-managed location.


• Monitor and manage locations across the country from corporate headquarters
• Create customized user interfaces for a wide range of system operators
• Quickly identify and diagnose system-wide software and hardware problems before data loss occurs
• Maintain a cost-effective licensing plan for a system with close to 1,000 cameras and growing

Valerus VMS is being phased into all Bio-PAPPEL locations. Once complete, all sites will be combined into an enterprise solution. A selection of Vicon cameras, including a high number of hemispheric models, provide cost-effective coverage of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Vicon solution allows the Director of Physical Security to manage and monitor all locations from Corporate Headquarters. Plans to integrate Vicon’s VAX Access Control system will further enhance corporate security efforts.

The installations have been handled by Micros y Sistemas en Electronica SA de CV, a certified Vicon integrator with expertise in delivering turnkey technology solutions for security, telecommunications and information systems. Bio-PAPPEL has worked with the company since 2012. Some of the security systems in place operate on Vicon’s legacy VMS platform, ViconNet. The most recent installations feature Valerus, Vicon’s new thin-client software built upon true open standards. José Luis Salazar Zapata, the General Director of Micros y Sistemas, finds the Valerus system to be “a superior solution that is also simple to install and operate.”

Each building’s security network currently operates independently, but plans exist to eventually integrate all systems into a unified platform managed from the company’s Control Center at Bio-PAPPEL’s corporate offices. At that time, a decision will be made to either migrate the older ViconNet systems to the Valerus platform or make use of Vicon’s Gateway solution that allows the legacy ViconNet servers to communicate seamlessly with the Valerus management interface.

Complete Web-Based Management Tools
From his office at Bio-PAPPEL’s Headquarters in Mexico City, Director Rodriguez is responsible for supervising the installation, management and maintenance of each facility’s security system, some of which are located hundreds of miles away. He has on-site security staff at each location responsible for 24/7 monitoring, as well as local IT personnel to provide support, but all physical security issues ultimately fall under his domain.

The fully web-based client of Valerus makes his job substantially easier. Using just a standard internet browser from his office or home computer, Director Rodriguez can log into any of the systems and have access to the Valerus software’s complete suite of administrative tools. This allows him to make changes to camera settings, system configurations and user permissions without traveling to each site. “I visit all of the sites on a regular basis, but the ability to manage so many tasks remotely allows me to direct security operations much more efficiently,” he says. “It means less time driving, more time doing my job.” The web interface is also flexible in supporting the needs of his security staff. “Valerus lets us set up different layouts that are customized for different users and site locations. It makes using the software much more convenient and user-friendly for everyone involved.”

The Valerus Health Dashboard is also a valuable tool for remote management. The Director uses it to quickly assess how all network devices are performing, identify any issues related to bandwidth, storage or connectivity, and determine what changes or maintenance needs to be performed. “With Valerus, we can proactively manage the system and, when a problem occurs, we know immediately. We don’t have to wait until we go to call up a camera to find that recording has stopped. Any issues get nipped in the bud.”

Wide Ranging Applications
At the Bio-PAPPEL Corporate Headquarters, 15 manufacturing plants, 4 materials recovery facilities and 1 distribution center with Vicon systems in place, the company’s investment in IP cameras and video management software not only enhances security but delivers value from a business operations standpoint. The systems enable observation and monitoring of critical manufacturing and distribution processes.

Vicon’s high-resolution hemispheric cameras have been deployed extensively to support a variety of security and operational requirements. The camera’s fisheye lens captures an unobstructed 360° view, which is dewarped by Valerus software to provide operators with a choice of display options, including 180° panoramic views and customized views that simulate the feed of multiple, separate security cameras looking in different directions. Operators can also zoom and pan within the entire 360° field-of-view, much like using a PTZ dome, but can do so on both live and recorded video and without any blind spots. Each hemispheric camera replaces the need for several traditional fixed cameras. For a company the size of Bio-PAPPEL, this adds up to tremendous savings.

On the production floor of the paper manufacturing plants, hemispheric cameras are mounted above the machinery, letting operators know immediately of any equipment malfunctions. These weatherproof models are resistant to the tremendous amount of dust produced by the huge, spinning rolls of paper. The cameras perform equally well in the hot and moist environment of recovery facilities, where paper collected for recycling is broken down and processed in huge vats.

At distribution facilities, the 360° coverage of these cameras is ideal for monitoring activity within sprawling warehouses and busy loading docks, tracking the constant movement of inventory.

And, at Corporate Headquarters, the lobby, parking lots and other open areas benefit from efficient coverage by the hemispheric domes.

In all locations, the cameras help to ensure that all safety procedures are adhered to, buildings and property are protected from vandalism and theft, and all employees feel secure as they go about their workdays.

Beyond Surveillance
According to Director Salazar of Micros y Sistemas, a unique benefit that the Valerus VMS solution delivers is its seamless and free integration with Vicon’s VAX Access Control software. Set up is easy and, once integrated, it’s possible to automatically call up cameras linked to specific door panels and manage both systems through a single, intuitive interface. “Working together, Valerus and VAX provide security capabilities far beyond what any two separate systems can deliver,” he says.

Micros y Sistemas is already working with Bio-PAPPEL on a plan to install VAX Access Control throughout all its properties. Like Valerus, it can be managed and controlled remotely, providing Director Rodriguez with the flexibility to handle administration tasks from his main office. It also offers Active Directory integration. For a company with 13,000 employees, this greatly minimizes the administrative hassle associated with migrating to a new system and will allow for efficient coordination between the company’s security, IT and HR teams moving forward.

Bio-PAPPEL has become the industrial leader it is today due to smart and careful management that understands that the welfare of its employees is critical to its success. Director Rodriguez appreciates the guidance and support he has received from Micros y Sistemas in updating Bio-PAPPEL’s security to provide a safer and more secure workplace in which its employees can thrive.

Bio-PAPPEL’s Awards and Certifications

Granted by the Great Place to Work for second consecutive year

Socially responsible company granted by the Magazine Expansion

Recognized as a Super Company for sixth consecutive year by the Magazine Expansion

Seal of Sustainable company granted by the Mexican Stock Exchange for fourth consecutive year

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recognized our leadership in transparency, along with 24 of the most important paper manufacturing companies in the world

United Nations Global Compact Recognized by the world compact of the United Nations with a high level of communication on progress to adopt and report their best practices for Sustainability and Corporate Governance

Clean Industry Awarded for the second year in a row by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA)

Transport Clean Clean transportation by Semarnat program qualifies with excellent environmental performance by Bio-PAPPEL transport fleets

Gender Equality model awarded by the National Institute for Women

Gold Seal awarded by the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare for applying a policy on Good Labor Practices

Bio-PAPPEL receives recognition from the Semarnat and the Business Council for Sustainable Development for presenting the voluntary report to the GEI Mexico Program (Greenhouse Effect Gases)

High Sustainability Certification Certification to productivity processes and quality ISO 9001: 2008 Certification to processes in environmental material ISO 14001: 2004 Certification to the processes in Mathematical of Occupational Safety and Health in the workplace OSHA 18001: 2007

Monarch Butterfly Eco-Labeling Registration granted by the Chamber of Paper

FSC 100% recycled Certification granted by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to our Durango, Tizayuca, Monterrey, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Mexico and Prewitt plants in New Mexico

Bio-PAPPEL Foundation among the most benefactors