Archived Press Releases

See the archived press releases from Vicon to find out more about past news and developments.


Vicon Valerus Reveal Campaign
8/8/2016 – Vicon Industries announces its campaign to reveal its new VMS.

IQeye 9 Camera Series Now Available
6/21/2016 – Vicon Industries announces that its new box camera, the IQB9 series, is now available.

Vicon Announces New Rep Firm in South Central
6/7/2016 – Vicon Industries announces Datacom as its manufacturing rep firm in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Vicon Announces New Rep Firm in Florida
5/10/2016 – Vicon Industries announces Coaxial Systems Associates as its manufacturing rep firm in Florida and the Caribbean.

Vicon Announces New Rep Firm in the South
5/10/2016 – Vicon Industries announces E-Connect as its manufacturing rep firm in the South.

Vicon Introduces Next Gen IQeye 9 Series of Cameras
3/28/2016 – Vicon Industries is pleased to announce the introduction of the full-featured, multi-megapixel IQeye 9 Series camera.

Vicon Announces New Rep Firm in the the Great Lakes Region
2/18/2016 – Vicon Industries announces Structured Innovations as its manufacturing rep firm in the Great Lakes region.

Vicon Announces New Rep Firm in the the Pacific Northwest
2/18/2016 – Vicon Industries announces GP Marketing as its manufacturing rep firm in the Pacific Northwest region.

Vicon Announces New Rep Firm in the Great Plains Region
2/18/2016 – Vicon Industries announces Rancilio Associates as its manufacturing rep firm in the Great Plains region.

Vicon Opens New Office in Dubai, UAE
1/14/2016 – Vicon Industries continues to expand its global presence with the opening of a new United Arab Emirates (UAE) office located in Dubai.

HDExpress Wins Benchmark Magazine Best Buy
1/4/2016 – Vicon Industries is proud to announce that its HDExpress Plug-and-Play NVR was awarded the Benchmark Magazine Best Buy.

OnSSI’s Ocularis 5 Fully Integrates with Vicon IQeye Cameras
12/2/2015 – Continuing its goal of delivering open platform system solutions that provide the highest performance and value to its customers, OnSSI announces that its Ocularis 5 Video Management Software (VMS) now fully integrates with the latest IQeye megapixel cameras from Vicon Industries.
Christian Bohn Joins Vicon in New Strategic Consultant Role
9/1/2015 – Christian Bohn Joins Vicon in New Strategic Consulting Role.
Vicon Announces ViconNet version 8
8/10/2015 – Vicon is releasing its latest version of its VMS software, version 8, August 17, 2015.
Vicon Announces New APAC Sales Vice President
7/1/2015 – Vicon announced today the hiring of Lawrence de Guzman in Singapore to better manage our growing local business in southeast Asia. Mr. de Guzman has been hired as VP APAC reporting to Bret McGowan, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing.
Introducing Newly Improved IQeye Alliance-mx HD Camera Line
6/22/2015 – Newly improved IQeye alliance-mx camera line
Vicon CEO Eric Fullerton GIT Cover Story: True Open Platform
5/24/2015 – Fullerton discusses the rise of the standards-based open platform
Vicon Announces the New Director of Field Marketing
4/13/2015 – Vicon announces the newest addition to its Marketing Team, Fred Wallberg as Director of Field Marketing, to further position our business for growth.
Vicon’s New Channel Partnership Program
4/7/2015 – Vicon is excited to introduce our new Channel Partnership Program, dedicated to empowering our partners.
Vicon Announces the 12 MP Camera Integration into ViconNet
4/6/2015 – Vicon is pleased to announce that its Sentinel 12MP camera now integrates with ViconNet.
HDExpress and ViconNet Integration
3/31/2015 – Vicon now offers an easy integration between the HDExpress and ViconNet VMS.
Vicon Introduces Its New Access Control System
3/26/2015 – Vicon is proud to announce its new access control system that seamlessly integrates with the ViconNet VMS.
Vicon’s Corporate Message
3/23/2015 – Vicon is embarking on our new corporate strategy and direction, focusing on empowering its Team-Ecosystem.
Appointment of Jennifer Hones as National Distribution Program Manager
1/19/2015 – As part of our new strategic direction towards establishing a two tier sales distribution model, Jennifer Hones has hoined the company as National Distribution Program manager.
Bret McGowan Named Sr VP Sales
10/17/2014 – As part of the ongoing integration of IQinVision, Bret McGowan has been named Senior Vice-President Sales for the Americas, Far East and Western Africa, taking responsibility for the combined sales organization. Bret joined Vicon over 20 years ago as a marketing analyst and has since held many positions and continually moved up the ladder, most recently as Vicon’s Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing for the Americas, Far East and Western Africa.
Vicon Announces New CEO
9/12/2014 – Vicon today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Eric Fullerton, formerly Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Milestone Systems A/S, to succeed Kenneth M. Darby as Chief Executive Officer and as a Director of Vicon.
Vicon and IQinVision Merger Approved
9/2/2014 – Vicon said today that it has completed the previously announced merger with IQinVision, a designer and producer of high performance HD/megapixel IP cameras. The merger creates a global market leader of integrated solutions to the video security market.
Introducing New Rugged IP PTZ Dome
8/18/2014 – New SN680D-WNIR rugged HD IP PTZ Dome is designed for high level performance in the most demanding security installations.
Vicon Releases New Price List
8/12/2014 – Vicon released its updated 2014 Price List. This update includes the addition of newly released ViconNet 7, IQ camera line, several new cameras and new monitor line.
Vicon Introduces New Surveyor Line
8/11/2014 – Vicon introduces a new series of powerful camera options for the Surveyor line of IP PTZ camera domes. This new line of camera options and lower prices set a new industry standard in high performance PTZ domes. Improved magnification and low-light performance, along with their open ONVIF architecture ensure a seamless integration with any system.
Vicon Introduces New Megapixel Cell Cameras
7/17/2014 – Introducing a new higher resolution cell camera to more clearly view all your video details at the same price as the previous model.
Vicon Releases New ViconNet 7 Video Management Software
7/10/2014 – Vicon Industries Inc. significantly improves the ease of video management with the release of their newest software ViconNet 7. Vicon’s newest VMS solution streamlines recording configuration to replace the need for creating recording macros and schedules on NVRs and DVRs. In addition, several new updates, such as an internal memory tracking mechanism, an enhanced central failure messaging and new masking feature, improve the operability of video management.
Vicon Introduces a New Series of HD Surveillance Monitors
7/10/2014 – Vicon Industries Inc. (VII:NYSE-MKT) (“Vicon”), a leading security solutions provider and producer, introduces a new series of HD surveillance monitors that replaces all previous models. The new line of monitors offers cost effective, enhanced LED technology backed up by a 3 year warranty. The ability to endure 24/7 usage, along with superior HD performance displaying highly detailed images, make them a necessary component for any security installation. These new monitors will be available by the end of July 2014.
Security Solutions Now Easier to Specify with Vicon and ARCAT Partnership
6/16/2014 – Vicon’s security products are now available for free download as BIM objects, complete building product specifications and through the use of the SpecWizard guide. These specifications can be viewed on both the Vicon and ARCAT website.
Vicon’s January 2014 Price List Announces Huge Reductions in ViconNet Hardware
1/21/2014 – Vicon’s new price list provides reductions as high as 45% on NVRs, NVRs with internal RAID hybrid DVRs.