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IQeye 9 series

A full-featured multi-megapixel box camera series with increased processing power and flexibility for installation.
The IQeye 9 series are full-featured multi-megapixel cameras that use the latest micro-processing technology to enable applications at the edge. This modular camera also offers on-camera storage, true day/night capability with the option to remove or add front and rear end caps for IR and cable management.A wide range of models offers competitive price points for HD720p, HD1080p, 3MP and 5MP resolutions. Motorized varifocal lenses offer easy and quick install and CS-mount / autoiris versions provide flexibility for different lens options. The 9 series camera provides the highest quality megapixel images with the lowest bandwidth demands; leveraging Vicon’s new IQZip compression optimization and ONVIF compliance ensures seamless functionality with leading NVR/VMS providers.
Key Features
  • Resolutions up to 5MP
  • H.264 Main Profile + MJPEG compression with IQzip
  • Choice of varifocal or no lens models
  • 30 fps @ HD720p, 30 fps @ 1080p
  • 1 & 2MP WDR models available (100 dB)
  • Two-way audio plus on-camera microphone
  • True day/night movable IR filter
  • Free on-camera intelligent IQaccess software
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), 12VDC, 24 VAC
  • On-camera storage
  • Alarm I/O
  • Continuous analog video out
  • Three-year warranty
Data/spec sheet
A&E Spec
Setup Guide
VMD Guide
IR Accessory Installation Sheet
Installation and Operation
IR illuminator accessory; for IR functionality in low light
IP camera outdoor housing, includes built-in POE, IR LEDs, heater and fan
Midspan gigabit PoE injector. Increases HPOE-100 PoE output to 60W
Pole mount adapter for HPOE-100. Fits poles 2.75-9 in (70-230m) in diameter
IQB91WI-A59 series H.264 WDR HD720p camera2.8-12mm motorized
IQB92WI-NL9 series H.264 WDR HD1080p cameraNo lens
IQB92WI-A59 series H.264 WDR HD1080p camera2.8-12mm motorized
IQB93NI-A69 series H.264 HD 3MP camera2.8-8.5mm motorized
IQB95NI-NL9 series H.264 HD 5MP cameraNo lens
IQB95NI-A69 series H.264 HD 5MP camera2.8-8.5mm motorized
Features9 series H.264 WDR HD720p camera
Zoom2.8-12mm motorized
Features9 series H.264 WDR HD1080p camera
ZoomNo lens
Features9 series H.264 WDR HD1080p camera
Zoom2.8-12mm motorized
Features9 series H.264 HD 3MP camera
Zoom2.8-8.5mm motorized
Features9 series H.264 HD 5MP camera
ZoomNo lens
Features9 series H.264 HD 5MP camera
Zoom2.8-8.5mm motorized