Simplify setup with our 360° remote positioning Multi-Sensor

Tedious and manual configurations are a thing of the past. Vicon’s NDAA-compliant Multi-Sensor reduces installation costs and saves time with independent motorized sensors, up to 360˚ of coverage and superior features such as Starlight low-light imaging.

Streamline Alarms Management with Valerus 21.1

The latest expansion of Vicon’s powerful VMS is now available. Widely considered one of the easiest VMS platforms to install and use, Valerus 21.1 adds and optimizes features that are strategically added to attain our goal of being the go-to VMS.

Video Management

The Easiest VMS You’ll Ever Use

We've loaded Valerus with powerful features to improve operational efficiency, cut down reaction time, and reduce IT costs--all in an intuitive and easy-to-use package.
Access Control

Access Control Made Easy

VAX Access Control system doesn't just deliver state-of-the-art access control technology--it also integrates seamlessly with Valerus VMS, giving you more insights than ever.
IP Cameras

Versatile Cameras for Any Application

We offer one of the widest-ranges of cameras on the market, ensuring you get the right camera for your application.