VN-SAN RAID Storage Devices

VN-SAN RAID storage devices
Vicon® VN-SAN Storage Area Network devices provide a high-density storage solution that can be used for primary and/or backup data storage for either Valerus or ViconNet systems. Using the iSCSI standard, the VN-SAN units maybe located long distances from the recording servers (NVRs or DVRs) over a standard Ethernet connection. No special interface devices or cabling are required, the units operate over standard CAT-5E or CAT-6.

Scalable, flexible and secure
The VN-SAN is offered in 18 and 48-bay systems. Total storage capacity is from 15 to 81 TB of usable storage. It is designed to ensure no single point-of-failure with multi-pathing support. Dual redundant hot-swappable active components assures that a failed drive can be hot-swapped with a good drive for future protection.

The iSCSI standard has no distance limitations so your data storage can be located at a safe, secure location miles away from the recording site. Each VN-SAN unit has dual redundant power supplies and battery backup providing additional peace-of-mind.

Easily installed, configured and maintained
The VN-SAN units are rack-mountable and require 2 RU (18-bay units) or 4 RU (48-bay unit) vertical space. The units are preconfigured at the factory for RAID 5 storage and set up to support up to 4 NVRs or DVRs each. No special power requirements are necessary. Each unit operates with 115/230 VAC input power. The units incorporate advanced features such as dual RAID engines, a high performance cache mirroring between dual controllers, and active/active failover to deliver uncompromising availability and reliability.

Once configured, minimal maintenance is required. The advanced mechanical design of the units provides superior cooling for optimal thermal operation and removes vibration from the chassis. Built-in system management software provides an intuitive interface for the operator. The units are operating system independent, no special software drivers or server-based management software is required. In the event of a failure, an alarm is generated notifying you of the failure. If the system has pooled spare drives set up, a pooled drive is automatically rebuilt and replaces the failed drive.

Energy savings
The VN-SAN units employ AutoMAID® technology. AutoMAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) allows the units to place their disk drives into an idle state to conserve energy, yet provide near-instantaneous access to data.


• Enterprise-class, iSCSI storage device can be located locally or remotely via network connection
• Scalable storage with units with 18 or 48 drive bays
• Energy-efficient idle mode conserves power, but provides near-instantaneous access to data when needed
• Ideal solution for primary or backup storage
• Preconfigured from factory to support up to four ViconNet DVRs or NVRs
• Hot-swap failed drives in an instant with no data loss


VN-SAN-9-2000R518-bay SAN unit. Includes (9) two TB drives, 15 TB usable storage, configured for RAID 5.
VN-SAN-18-2000R518-bay SAN unit. Includes (18) two TB drives, 28.5 TB usable storage, configured for RAID 5.
VN-SAN-18-3000R518-bay SAN unit. Includes (18) three TB drives, 42 TB usable storage, configured for RAID 5.
VN-SAN-18-4000R518-bay SAN unit. Includes (18) four TB drives, 57 TB usable storage, configured for RAID 5.
VN-SAN-48-2000R548-bay SAN unit. Includes (48) two TB drives, 81 TB usable storage, configured for RAID 5.

The above units can be configured for RAID6; usable storage will be reduced.