VF-100-30 Series

VF-100/VF-30 Series FM single-channel, fiber-optic video transmission system
The VF-100/VF-30 series fiber-optic video transmission system provides superior performance and reliability in closed-circuit video systems. The VF-100 system consists of transmitter and receiver and is designed to transmit one channel of high-quality FM video on one multimode optical fiber at 850 nm. The VF-30 receiver contains the electronics and optics of three VF-100 units mounted on one printed circuit board to save space and reduce cost. The VF-30 receiver converts three FM modulated optical inputs into three separate video outputs using an 850 nm wavelength detector for each signal.

The VF-100 series can withstand an optical signal loss of up to 12 dB over 62.5-μ cable. The VF-100 is set up for 62.5- μ cable, but will work on 50-μ cable. It requires no field adjustments. The transmitter and receiver are available in standalone or rack-mount configurations.

A 12 VDC power supply is included with the standalone unit. Rack-mount models are powered by the power supply built into the VF-SR-20/2 card cage.


• Compatible with NTSC/PAL, RS170A/RS-343A
• Standalone or rack-mount versions
• Transmits one channel of video over one multimode fiber
• Video, power and optical diagnostics
• Full color transmission
• FM video transmission


ModelProduct codeDescription
VF-100T8409-00Video transmitter, standalone module
VF-100TR8409-02Video transmitter, rack-mount module
VF-100R8410-00Video receiver, standalone module
VF-100RR8410-02Video receiver, rack-mount module
VF-30RR8411-02Three-channel video receiver, rack-mount module