Vicon Valerus video management software

Vicon is proud to announce that its long-awaited next generation VMS solution is now available. Valerus is a powerful and intuitive VMS that is designed for users of all levels. The design and deployment of Valerus is centered on the pillars of ease-of-installation, easy-to-use web-based interface and a standards based true open platform philosophy.

Valerus has features for sophisticated live monitoring, centralized management and high-performance video recording. Beyond video, Valerus is designed to be a proactive business tool with health monitoring features for the entire security system as well as advanced data management to streamline business processes.

Built on true open standards for optimized interoperability, Valerus boasts a thin client architecture and central licensing that take the pain out of deploying and managing a powerful VMS solution. Based on years of experience in the security market and a look toward the future, this new platform supports today’s conventional network systems ready for expansion into the world of cloud computing. Valerus is a system you can invest in today and be confident it will be your solution in the future.

The VMS You’ve Been Waiting For!

Scalable Deployments Support a Wide Range of Applications

Valerus is designed to scale from starter video systems that operate on an all-in-one server, for system management and recording, all the way to enterprise-level distributed deployments with local and centralized operation. Thin client deployment of viewing stations allows for easy access from any network-connected PC without the need for a thick-client application.


Licensing Anyone Can Understand

Valerus is offered in an easy-to-understand structure that includes only 3 separate tier options.  Each tier is designed to provide the right combination of cost and value, and Vicon’s Upgrade Protection Plans offer the easiest path to grow a system from one tier to the next.

Compared to other leading enterprise VMS solutions, this is the simplest tier structure in the market and eliminates the frustrating confusion and guess work when attempting to design systems that support the required capabilities and functionality at the right cost.

A new single-key central licensing structure greatly reduces time of deployment and allows Vicon to service the entire customer chain more efficiently.

  • Vicon allows a 30 day grace period for licensing, making set up even more flexible
  • On a widely distributed installation, the central license scheme simplifies deployment and increases efficiencies

Add-ons and changes to system structure can be accomplished with one update to the single-key license that resides in the Application Server; no need for multiple licensing of cameras or NVRs



Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Features with the Upgrade Protection Plan


The all-new Valerus Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) ensures you will have all the latest features, corrections and enhancements in your tier. Unlike most software maintenance plans, Vicon has structured the program to be easily understood
and cost-effective.

UPPs for each Valerus tier are offered in a 1-year,
3-year or 5-year subscription. We have removed difficult calculations and made the cost of UPP based on the tier and how many edge devices purchased.

Maintaining your Valerus system made easy:

  • The very latest releases of Valerus will be made available to everyone on the corporate website
  • A “single activation key” ensures that all device licenses have the same Upgrade Protection Plan renewal date
  • A simplified cost structure, based on quarterly time periods, eliminates the confusion related to adding on protection plans to existing systems
  • The “single-key” licensing includes the status of the Upgrade Protection Plan, ensuring that the entire system remains covered as the system grows



A True Standards Based Open Platform Philosophy


Valerus is built on a proven, reliable industry standard protocol defined as ONVIF. There is no need for extensive certification and individual driver builds that open up the possibility for more custom-related support and integration work.

  • A platform built from the bottom up pushing Vicon ahead of the curve when it comes to the transition to standardization
  • Additional plug-ins for non-ONVIF devices can be easily added upon request