Uninterruptible Power Supply V1000R-UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply V1000R-UPS designed by APC by Schneider Electric
This uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a self-contained device that feature transparent power backup for all 120 VAC devices and has a power capacity of 1000VA/670W. It provides surge protection and an automatic self-test, eliminating the need for manual maintenance testing.

These UPS units are managed by PowerChute plus software. PowerChute plus allows users to customize UPS response to power events. A variety of responses can be chosen to react to a power or environmental event, including a safe, automatic shutdown and reboot to protect against crashes and security violations.

The V1000R-UPS complies with requirements for an FCC Class B device, as well as requirements for an FCC Class A device.


• 670W power capacity
• Easily accessible operating controls
• Cold-start capable
• Audible alarm
• Hot-swappable batteries
• Rack-mount
• Power conditioning to avoid power surges and fluctuations
• Managed by PowerChute® plus software to enhance reliability and protect system integrity


ModelProduct codeDescription
V1000R-UPS8298-30Uninterruptible Power Supply, 1000 VA/670 W, for 120 VAC equipment, rack mount.