Twisted Pair Video Transmission

Twisted pair video transceiver V-VID-BAL
The V-VID-BAL video balun is used to transmit video signals, including Vicoax™, over twisted-pair wire for distances up to 1000 ft (304 m) in analog systems or 750 ft (229 m) in digital systems (DVRs, NVRs, IP devices or multiplexers). This low profile unit can be used as a receiver and a transmitter (transceiver) to send video over twisted pair or Cat5, Cat3 (UTP).

Installation is fast and easy with two screw terminals and a BNC connector for video input and output. The unit is passive, requiring no power, and provides a built-in impedance couple device and noise filter for exceptional interference immunity. The V-VID-BAL can transmit either color or black-and-white video.

This unit eliminates coaxial cable, thereby reducing material and installation costs. Wiring is neater and, if used with Cat5 cable, no RJ-45 crimping tools are required.


• Compact and lightweight
• Passive, no power required
• Transmits video over twisted pair or Cat5, Cat3 (UTP)
• Provides BNC male to terminal block
• Transmits color or black-and-white video
• Fast and easy installation