Solutions for small installations

At Vicon we believe that just because an installation is small it shouldn’t be any less secure. That is why we offer a free version of our enterprise-class video management software. Now nothing is holding you back from creating a simple and safe environment for your business or residence.

What our customers have to say

Sagamore Hill, Home of Theodore Roosevelt

“Vicon gives us peace of mind that Teddy Roosevelt’s treasures will be protected and preserved for future generations.”

Susan Sarna, Museum Curator and Director of Security

Barrett-Jackson Auction Company LLC

“The Sentinels have also been great for the exterior locations, I would not consider another camera.”

Bill Hamilton, Systems Engineer

Willow Brook Centre, UK

“We considered a number of manufacturers who could claim to be able to offer the complete solution but Vicon was able to offer us the best package.”

Mark Wathern, Head of Security

Silverburn Shopping Centre, Scotland

“Security personnel in our control room have been impressed with the functionality and flexibility of Vicon.”

George Reader, Centre Manager

With ViconNet VMS at the core, we provide cost-effective solutions for small installations

Key benefits

  • Enterprise-scale ViconNet video management software (VMS) with six free camera channels or a cost-effective, nine-channel solution*
  • Multiple, easy-to-use interfaces:ViconNet Workstation Client, ViconNet Desktop, ViconNet Web and ViconNet Mobile
  • Support for small, cost-effective cameras with options such as 360 view or analog support
  • Plug-and-play solutions with built-in hardware
  • Custom hardware options for ViconNet NVRs and DVRs

Key opportunities

  • Pre-configuration services from Vicon for custom plug-and-play options
  • Vicon Access Control (VAX) system to cover 40 doors
  • Third-party hardware integrations, such as digital video recorders and storage devices
  • Third-party software integrations, such as license plate recognition, video analytics and parking management
  • Standards-based, ONVIF-compliant solution

A typical ViconNet IP network system for small installations

The below diagram explains the system setup.

In a typical small surveillance configuration, , ViconNet VMS manages encoded analog video and IP video. Analog video is recorded and encoded via a hybrid digital video recorder (DVR). IP video streams are recorded via IP devices, such as a network video recorder (NVR). The hybrid DVRs and NVRs are all connected via a large area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or the Internet.

Once connected to the ViconNet Nucleus server, video can be directed to any device running ViconNet VMS on the network or on the Internet. The ViconNet Web/Mobile server, enables users to view video via the Web Viewer or via the mobile application, ViconNet Mobile.

The ViconNet Workstation allows users to easily gain an overview, investigate incidents and export evidence. Some installation may also install the Vicon Access Control (VAX) system and use a variety of VAX door controllers to automatically grant/limit access. Built on a standards-based platform, users can also integrate third-party solutions for added functionality.

Power at the core, the new ViconNet 8 video management software

ViconNet 8 is a fully scalable, feature-rich VMS solution that delivers enterprise-level performance along with the ability to customize the system and compatibility with a wide range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) network video and computer hardware. Distributed architecture allows ViconNet to support an unlimited number of cameras, locations and users with no single point of failure. The result is a system optimized for your needs, with your choice of components, that delivers consistent performance and reliability.

Key features

Multiple interfaces
Access ViconNet from a dedicated workstation, desktop viewer, web viewer or application for smartphones and tablets.

Intuitively manage events and alarms, search and view video from devices, and create and export video evidence.

A complete software solution for systems ranging from six to an unlimited number of camera channels.

As an ONVIF-compliant product, customers can easily integrate and add new components to their system.

Third-party opportunities for ViconNet


Third-party software

With an open application programming interface (API), ViconNet VMS can easily be integrated with third-party software. This enables customers to install additional functionality to help provide additional security or to streamline processes.

Development of new software is only limited by creativity. Inspiration is the key element in generating technological innovation.

Find third-party software


Third-party cameras

Vicon products are compatible with a wide range of third-party cameras, giving customers the freedom of choice to reuse their existing cameras or use cameras that meet specific system requirements.

This is ideal for customers who are transitioning from analog to IP, as they can use their existing analog cameras while overtime replacing them with new IP devices.

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ONVIF compliant

Vicon products follow ONVIF standard to ensure our commitment to a global standard and interoperability between products in the industry.

To help facilitate standards-based interoperation, Vicon has founded the Vicon Developer’s Forum to provide a framework for the ecosystem to communicate, share ideas and innovate.

Vicon ONVIF-certified products

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