Vicon Industry Solutions

Vicon makes it simple to manage even the most complicated security challenges.

We focus on industry-specific business models and examine common pain points to develop comprehensive, industry-specific security solutions. We help hundreds of organizations from diverse industries across the world, including corrections, education, government, commercial, healthcare, transportation and utilities to monitor their premises and enhance safety.

We help keep buildings, people and records safe.

Featured Industries

Correctional Facilities

Vicon systems secure some of the world’s largest maximum security prisons, smaller state and regional facilities, and everything in between; the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons trusts Vicon to keep their operations safe for prisoners, workers and visitors.  By deploying Vicon’s solutions, correctional facilities maintain higher levels of situational responsiveness and increased personnel safety.


Maintaining security in educational settings is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of students and faculty. Vicon offers a wide range of IP surveillance solutions designed for the needs of educational institutions. Time and again, administrators choose Vicon to protect our most precious resource…our children. Schools, colleges and universities all turn to Vicon for network-based security solutions that allow for monitoring and control at area or campus-wide levels, as well as providing localized control within individual buildings.


Facilities critical to national security require the best in protection and reliability. Vicon’s end-to-end solutions effectively equip clients to secure a wide range of applications across the military and government.


Vicon has deep expertise in delivering powerful security solutions within the healthcare industry, including clinics, hospitals, private practices, and pharmacies. We design systems designed to address threats common to the industry and build systems that help protect against theft, dishonest employees, liability suits, and vandalism.

Safe Cities

Public security is a growing problem for cities worldwide. To effectively manage daily operations, public events or emergency situations that jeopardize citizen’s safety, cities require security solutions that deliver real-time insights and information to effectively protect citizens and property. Our security solutions help protect cities against crime, terrorism, and emergencies and enable agencies to quickly and effectively respond to safeguard citizens.