Valerus 18 – New Features

With Valerus 18, Vicon continues to simplify the VMS experience, providing you with easier ways to secure, manage and operate your system. Updates in the newest version include:

The ViconNet Gateway tool which offers a simple migration path from ViconNet to Valerus which does not require an overhaul of the existing system.

Application Server Redundancy, which ensures that Valerus is always available to users and that important data will never be lost.

User Interface improvements that enhance the user experience including updated playback controls, thumbnail on timeline, a 24 hour recording map, authorization for certain user settings and support for H.265 compression.

Valerus 18 is now available for download! Click Here

ViconNet Gateway

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A new Valerus module designed to allow bridging existing ViconNet systems to Valerus, offering a simple migration path. Our smooth migration path allows you to continue use of your legacy ViconNet, while taking advantage of all that Valerus has to offer through a unified Valerus user interface.

Application Server Redundancy

In case the Valerus application server fails, redundancy ensures that Valerus is always available to users and that important data will never be lost.

Redundant Application Server

  • A backup server is added and defined in the Valerus system
  • Valerus constantly replicates the system settings with the backup server
  • An additional IP address is assigned to the system to save the need to browse to different IPs at different times

If the primary server fails, the secondary one is made active with a click of a button (not automatic at this time = cold swap).

Valerus will indicate it is running on the secondary server and primary server needs to be fixed and brought back online. In a future version, this will be made an automatic process (hot swap).

Licensing Requirements

In order to have a redundant Application Server the system needs to be in the PRO tier

  • A redundant App Server license needs to be ordered
  • Vicon will provide TWO activation keys, one for the primary and one for the secondary Application Server
  • Keys will have the same number but secondary will end with –RED and cannot be used on its own, only as a backup to a main one

H.265 Compression

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The latest enhancements to Valerus 18 include support for H.265 video compression, which is supported by ONVIF based on their Media2 specifications.

H.265 delivers advanced compression that captures surveillance video using a decreased bitrate, reducing bandwidth requirements and storage costs.  H.265 compression standard (also known as High Video Efficiency Codec, or HVEC) provides up to 50% savings in storage space at the same video quality, which means much smaller files sizes that consume less bandwidth during transmission and less space when stored. It also provides sharper details on faces and fabrics and smooth gradient areas with less blocking and fewer artifacts, delivering better image quality.

User Interface Improvements

Deliver a better, simplified user experience, while accommodating the complex and shifting customer needs.

Thumbnail on Timeline

When the timeline is shown, hovering the mouse over a certain area will show a thumbnail of the video at that time.

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Updated Playback Controls

  • Playback control buttons have been redesigned based on feedback and made larger and brighter.
  • A clear indication that video is live was added to the timeline.

24-hour Recording Map

When Playback from time is called up, Valerus will show a 24 hour map of recording for the selected day.

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Authorization for Certain User Settings

  • Authorization allowing the prevention of certain user settings changes from specific users.
  • Other settings can always be accessed:
      • Visual
      • Language
      • Date and Time
      • User Password
  • This allows individual control but not one that may potentially disable control.

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