Valerus Video Management Software Solution

Vicon’s open-platform browser-based video management software (VMS) solution is designed to simplify every aspect of  your surveillance experience

Clearly defined tiers make it easy to choose the right level

Highly automated configuration takes away the pain of programming

Intuitive and flexible interface makes it easy for anyone to use

Valerus 18.2 is Now Available Delivering Features that Include:

Automated NVR failover  •  Enhanced configuration options that include an enhanced rules engine that can respond to external events  •  Tighter controls for system access authorizations • Network-wide log collection and reporting

It also offers support for Valerus SmartAnalytics, a tightly integrated video analytics solution that offers real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence applications.

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Who says that enterprise performance and a simplified user experience can’t be delivered by the same video management system?  Not Vicon!

Vicon’s Valerus has been designed to eliminate all the pain points typically associated with video management solutions.  The confusing and complex processes of purchasing, installing, licensing, configuring, operating and maintaining most of today’s VMS solutions have all been addressed!  Our open-platform, enterprise quality software promises to redefine what customers can, and should, expect from their video surveillance system.

Key features and functions of Valerus VMS

True openness

True Openness

  • Built on ONVIF standard foundation – widely adopted industry common open protocol
  • Eliminates the need for individual  certifications
  • Open for integration through simple API meant to support growth of integrated partner networks. Learn More!
  • Valerus utilizes open source code where applicable

Increased operational efficiency

Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Single point of management and operation
  • Separate modules safeguard against risk of interruption
  • Grouped resources frees up monitor space and makes it easy to search
  • Support for keypad and PLC controllers. Learn More!
  • Easy setup and configuration with set-up wizard and single license. Learn More!

High performance video

High Performance Video with HD Resolution

  • Unparalleled image quality
  • Special support for high-resolution panoramic cameras. Learn More!
  • Intelligently lowers bandwidth demands and increase storage capacity
  • Reliable, uninterrupted video rendering
  • Support for H.265 video compression. Learn More!

Flexible and scalable

Ultimate in Flexibility and Scalability

  • Three-tier licensing levels and protection packages offer room to grow
  • Web-based access from anywhere
  • Standards-based compatibility allows you to design the perfect solution

Simplify security operations

Simplifies Your Security Operations

  • Dashboard monitors system’s health to quickly resolve issues. Learn More!
  • Reduce deployment time with central licensing
  • Quickly access important and frequently used tools and resources
  • Powerful search tools on simple menu let you find video quickly. Learn More!

VAX access control integration

Integrates with VAX Access Control System

  • Dedicated VAX tab for easy access
  • Map any camera
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Learn More!

ViconNet Gateway Tool

  • A module designed to allow bridging existing ViconNet systems to Valerus
  • Smooth migration path allows you to continue use of your legacy ViconNet
  • Take advantage of all that Valerus has to offer through a unified Valerus user interface
  • Learn More!

Application Server Redundancy

  • If the application server fails, redundancy ensures that Valerus is always available
  • A backup server is added and defined in the Valerus system
  • Valerus constantly replicates the system settings with the backup server
  • An additional IP address is assigned to the system

Curious about specific features?

Experience the benefits of combining video with access control in one single interface

Valerus VMS integrates with our VAX Security Access Control System, delivering powerful performance at No Extra Cost

Users can automatically link Valerus video clips with corresponding VAX Access Control events, and view them immediately within the VAX interface. This integration is FREE to Valerus and VAX users, regardless of the number of cameras or card readers you have.

Software Tiers that Offer Ultimate Flexibility and Scalability

Valerus offers a time and cost saving central licensing process where a single license code activates all security components.

Four license levels are designed to handle all types of security demands; this allows Valerus to meet your specific needs based on the requirements of your application and scale of your operation. The simple and cost-effective pricing model combined with an optional upgrade protection program ensure long-term value.

Valerus offers a wide range of display options, from “surveillance in your pocket” to video access from any PC. Whatever combination of displays you choose, you can count on consistent, intuitive and responsive interfaces that keep you in control.

Click Here to download Valerus Software

  • FREE
  • Up to 6 edge devices
  • Up to 5 concurrent clients
  • Up to 7 max recording days
  • Basic features

  • Up to 35 edge devices
  • Up to 10 concurrent clients
  • Unlimited max recording days
  • Standard features

  • Unlimited edge devices
  • Unlimited concurrent clients
  • Unlimited max recording days
  • Advanced features

  • Unlimited edge devices
  • Unlimited concurrent clients
  • Unlimited max recording days
  • Premium features
  • Video Analytics

We also offer a FREE trial of the ENTERPRISE version upon registration. You will then have to license either TRY, CORE, PRO or ENTERPRISE.

Simplified deployment

Simplified Deployment

Valerus has been designed to offer the easiest possible installation, configuration and licensing.


Our thin client architecture makes Valerus software accessible via a browser interface, eliminating the need to install custom software at each workstation.  And, we make the most current version of Valerus software available to all our customers, without purchase of a protection plan.  (protection plans unlock access to new features.)


Automated discovery and programming tools make quick work of basic system setup.  The system auto-discovers all ONVIF cameras and recorders, logically assigns cameras to recording servers, and applies standard recording parameters system-wide.


Valerus employs one global activation key for the entire system.  This saves time, and eliminates frustrations, during initial deployment, but also during system expansion, upgrades and maintenance.

Simplified operation

Simplified Operation

Valerus’ intuitive interface and simple tools make it easy to manage and operate all system features.

Health Dashboard:

Quickly see a health status snapshot of all system components.  For faulty devices, the dashboard provides a description of the problem.


Valerus’ flexible interface allows you to group together related resources however you like, making it easy to quickly access and manage them through the on-screen menu.


Pre-set your favorite views of specific cameras for easy call-up.  Display any news, feed, weather or third party interface right within the Valerus interface.  And, take advantage of our free integration with VAX Access Control, allowing for a seamless, single platform of operation.

Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP)

Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP)

Valerus allows you to grow as your needs change, giving you peace of mind. The upgrade protection plans allow you to upgrade your tier as more devices or features are needed. Additionally, the plan ensures that systems can be upgraded as new software is release.

1, 3 or 5 year plans are available. Learn more.

  • Ensures you have all the features unlocked in your tier
  • Migration path is less expensive
  • Subscription plan tied into licensing reduces cost of ownership

We also offer a smooth migration path for ViconNet customers interested in transitioning to the Valerus platform. Learn more.

Third-party opportunities for Valerus

Third-party integration software

Third-party software

With an open application programming interface (API), Valerus VMS can easily be integrated with third-party software. This enables customers to install additional functionality to help provide additional security or to streamline processes.

Development of new software is only limited by creativity. Inspiration is the key element in generating technological innovation.

Third-party systems

Third-party systems

Valerus is compatible with a wide range of third-party systems, giving customers the freedom of choice to meet specific system requirements.

ONVIF compliant

ONVIF compliant

Valerus was built to follow ONVIF standard to ensure our commitment to a global standard and interoperability between products in the industry.

Example of Added Value through Integrations

In Sinaloa, Mexico, a statewide security initiative required the ability to integrate with a wide range of software that could provide additional layers to surveillance operations.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is one example of how this has been implemented. The city of Culiacan has over 800 specialty cameras connected to its LPR system, made by Spain’s Neural Labs. License plates captured by these cameras are matched against a database within the Neural Labs software. If a suspicious vehicle is identified, corresponding video from surveillance cameras can be immediately called up and shared with law enforcement officers within the vicinity. In addition, the LPR video is stored within the Valerus system, where it can be archived alongside surveillance video for evidence when building a criminal case.

Integrations with other applications are also in the works. The use of facial recognition technology is high on the city’s priority list, as are sound sensor systems that can geo-locate the source of gun shots, and more widespread use of panic buttons throughout the community that can automate emergency response procedures and summon assistance from law enforcement.

Interested in more information or in buying a Valerus VMS?

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