Network cameras
for security and surveillance

Vicon offers a broad range of IP cameras available in a variety of forms (dome, box, bullet, panoramic, etc.) to meet today’s security video challenges. Whether your application is highly unique or standard, the protection of people, places or assets, Vicon has a camera for any environment, lighting or climate condition.


PTZ cameras

Offering high-quality, integrated positioning systems for a wide variety of environments.


Dome cameras

Offering a wide range of resolutions and features for any environment.


Bullet cameras

Offering full-featured, multi-megapixel bullet cameras.


Box cameras

Offering the latest high resolution technology and easy to install and maintain cameras.


Specialty cameras

Cameras for unique situations such as panorama and extremely harsh environments.


PTZ camera overview

network-cameras-overview-img-Cruiser-Compact-Dome network-cameras-overview-img-SN680D-Rugged-PTZ-Dome
Model Cruiser SN663V-B SN680D-B-WNIR Surveyor MKII – SN230W, SN230M, SN230P


Description PTZ camera dome with 20X optical and 16x digital zoom; IP66 PTZ camera dome for harsh environments with 30X optical zoom and 16x digital zoom; IP66 PTZ camera dome; outdoor, impact-resistant and pressurized versions; IP66, NEMA 4X; Press: IP67; Press/Impact: IK10++
Downloads and Specs Click here Click here Click here
Resolution 1920×1080 (1080p) 1920×1080 (1080p) 1080p
Lens 4.7-94mm 4.3-129 mm 4.4-132 mm
Environmental Outdoor:
14-43°F (-10-45°C) w/o heater -22°F (-30°C) w/ heater
-22-122°F (-30-50°C)
-40-132°F (-40-55°C)
Usage D/N; WDR D/N; WDR; IR D/N; WDR
Power PoE; 24 VAC; 12 VDC PoE (injector); 12 VDC PoE++, 18-30 VAC
Basic Analytics No No No
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(Click here for more information about the older Surveyor HD Camera Series)


Dome camera overview

network-cameras-overview-img-IQeye-Alliance-mini network-cameras-overview-img-new--IQeye-Alliance-mx-outdoor network-cameras-overview-img-Roughneck-V920D-series CE-Series-new-network-cameras-overview-img network-cameras-overview-img-CE202D-WN
Model IQeye Alliance-mini: IQD61NI/WV; IQD62NI/WV; IQD63WV; IQD65NV IQeye Alliance-mx: IQM61NE/WR; IQM62NE/WR; IQM63WR; IQM65NR Roughneck:
V922D-A series
CE Series:
CE-102D-NIR; CE202D-N
CE Series:
Description Camera dome; fixed or varifocal lens; 3 axis gimbal Camera dome; varifocal fixed iris or motorized remote focus autoiris lens; 3 axis gimbal; supports IQaccess. IP66; NEMA 4; IK10 Camera dome with varifocal autoiris lens; heater. IP66; IK10 Cost-effective camera dome with fixed lens Cost-effective camera dome; allows for remote directional positioning. IP65; IP67
Downloads and Specs Click here  Click here Click here Click here Click here
Resolution 720p; 1080p; 3.1 MP; 5 MP 720p; 1080p; 3 MP; 5 MP  1080p 3 MP 1080p 1080p
Lens F13: 2.5 mm fixed; F11: 2.8 mm fixed; B7: 3-6 mm varifocal B9: 2.8-8.5 mm fixed; B5: 3-13 mm fixed; A4: 2.8-8.5 mm motorized zoom/focus/P-iris 3-9 mm autoiris varifocal; motorized zoom/focus model 3.7 mm fixed 3.7 mm fixed
Environmental Indoor:
32-104° F (0-40° C)
-30-122°F (-34-50°C)
Outdoor:                      -40-140°F (-40-60°C) with heater Indoor:
14-104° F (-10-40° C)
14-113°F (-10-45°C)
Usage D/N; WDR (except 5 MP) D/N; WDR (W models); IR (models with R) D/N; WDR; IR D/N; IR (CE-102D-NIR) D/N
Power PoE PoE PoE; 12 VDC PoE; 12 VDC PoE; 12 VDC
Basic Analytics Yes Yes No No No
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Bullet camera overview

 Model Roughneck: V921B; V922B; V923B CE102B-NIR
 Description Bullet camera for harsh environments; IP67 Cost effective bullet camera with built-in IR illuminators; IP67
 Downloads and Specs Click here Click here
 Resolution 720p; 1080p; 3 MP 1080p
 Lens 3-9 mm autoiris varifocal 3.7 fixed
 Environmental Outdoor: -4-122°F (-20-50°C) Outdoor: 14-113°F (-10-45°C)
 Usage D/N; WDR (3 MP model); IR D/N; IR
 Power PoE; 12 VDC PoE; 12 VDC
 Basic Analytics No No
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Box camera overview

network-cameras-overview-img-IQeye-9-Series network-cameras-overview-img-IQeye-7-series
Model IQeye 9 Series:
IQeye Sentinel Series: IQ861WE; IQ862WE; IQ863WE; IQ865WE; IQ8712NE IQeye 7 Series:
IQ761WI; IQ762WI; IQ763WI
Description Box camera with a choice of motorized varifocal lens or no lens; supports IQaccess Camera with remote back focus. IP66; NEMA 4 Box camera with remote back-focus; supports IQaccess; analog video output
Downloads and Specs Click here Click here Click here
Resolution 720p; 1080p; 3 MP; 5 MP 720p; 1080p; 3 MP; 5 MP; 12 MP  720p; 1080p; 3.1 MP
Lens  A5: 2.8 mm-12mm; A6: 2.8-8.5 mm V6:12-40 mm varifocal; V17: 3.3-10 mm varifocal; W2: 1.8-3 mm varifocal; V18: 4.5-10 mm varifocal (12 MP only) V19: 9-40 mm varifocal (12MP only) V6: 12-40 mm; V17: 3.3-10 mm; W2: 1.8-3 mm
Environmental Indoor: 32-113° F (0-45° C) Outdoor: -22-122°F (-30-50°C) Indoor: 32-104° F (0-40° C)
Usage (Day/Night and IR) D/N; WDR (1/2 MP models) D/N; WDR (models with W) D/N; WDR
Power PoE; 24VAC; 12VDC PoE; 12-24 VDC; 24 VAC PoE; 12-24 VDC; 24 VAC
Basic Analytics Yes Yes Yes
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Speciality camera overview

network-cameras-overview-img-new-Roughneck-V-CELL-HD network-cameras-overview-img-V9360-1-series network-cameras-overview-img-V9360W-E
Model Roughneck V-CELL-HD Hemispheric V9360-1/V9360W-1 Hemispheric V9360W-E
Description High-security camera designed specifically for prison/custodial environments; impact-resistant IK10 Hemispheric (panoramic) camera with fisheye lens/IP66 Hemispheric (panoramic) camera with fisheye lens;  IP68; IK10
Downloads and Specs Click here Click here Click here
Resolution 1080p 6 MP  6 MP
Lens 2.6 mm 1.05 mm fisheye  1.3mm fisheye
Environmental Indoor: 32-140° F (0-60° C) Indoor: 14-140° F (-10-60° C)
Outdoor: 114-140°F (-10-60°C)
Outdoor: -40-122°F (-40-50°C)
Usage D/N; WDR; IR D/N; WDR D/N; WDR
Power PoE; 24 VAC; 12 VDC PoE, 24 VAC; 12 VDC PoE; 12 VDC
Basic Analytics No No No
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For discontinued IQeye cameras and the associated documentation, click here.

Camera compatibility




Vicon cameras can be integrated with a ViconNet surveillance system, including ViconNet VMS and NVRs.

Vicon cameras are PSIA compliant and can be integrated with most leading NVR and VMS platforms.

Vicon cameras are ONVIF compliant and can be integrated with most leading NVR and VMS platforms.

Camera accessories, guide and tools

Free lens calculator
The free lens calculator, offered below, can help you determine what lens will best serve your needs. You will be asked to completed a very short registration form before downloading.

Download Lens Calculator (2.05 MB)

Use this tool to position an image within a virtual video frame, specify its distance from the camera and the desired level of zoom, and the lens calculator will determine the corresponding lens focal length and angle of view. This software must be downloaded and installed on your local drive.

Camera Accessories
Find Vicon camera accessories including IQeye accessories, mounting, lenses, housings, power supplies and surge protection.

Calculation tools
Our online calculation tools can help you plan how these cameras will fit within your network infrastructure.