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There’s Simply No Comparison to Vicon’s VAX

Maximize administrative efficiency and streamline operations with the only access control system designed to simplify your user experience at every step of the way. Vicon’s VAX Access Control solution features a unique “over-the-door” controller with an embedded “Request to Exit” motion sensor, status LEDs and on-board communications that simplify installation and troubleshooting. The browser-based VAX software is packed with management and reporting features, formatted for quick viewing and intuitive operation.  Simply put, there’s nothing else quite like it on the market.

How Can You Get the Most from Your Access Control Solution?
Here are 16 Ways VAX Makes it Simple:

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Key Benefits

  • Innovative controller architecture
    Our distinctive VAX door controller was built with a patent-pending single-board design offering an embedded ‘Request to Exit’ motion sensor, status LEDs, on-board communications, back-up battery support and removable terminal blocks.
  • Simplified installation and maintenance
    Designed for simple installation with flexible mounting options such as over-the-door that allow you to reduce installation costs and complexity. Easy to access and powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).
  • Smart, responsive web-based software
    Streamline your daily operations with our full featured software solution that is incredibly easy and intuitive, with hot buttons for daily tasks, an overall summary screen for reminders, and tree formatting for quick viewing.
  • Manage your facility from any device
    Our system provides absolute control and real-time views of your facility from any web-based device, including smartphones and tablets.

Key Opportunities

  • Integrated compatibility with Valerus VMS
    The VAX system is fully compatible with Valerus VMS. Cameras can be associated to access control points, viewed and played back within the access control web interface.
  • Scalable and fast communication
    The system is completely scalable from small private buildings with a handful of users to the largest global organizations with many buildings and thousands of users.
  • Seamless solution integration
    Run all of your security activities from one application to get clearer and timelier information. Vicon offers the flexibility to integrate with your existing security and business systems, such as fire control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and elevators for a total building security system.

VAX Software

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