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Whatever your needs; Vicon’s VAX Access Control System has you covered

Our solution is perfect for your next installation. From the crisp clean layout to the rapid response and intuitive navigation, you will enjoy administering your VAX access control system which is as intuitive, powerful and as productive as possible. Driven by the latest technologies such as HTML5, IIS Server as well as backing onto a Microsoft SQL database.

Installation of our web server is a snap; anyone with the most basic P.C. knowledge can install and administer the VAX Access Control system. This is without a doubt the most user-friendly web-based access control software on the market.

The foundation of any comprehensive security solution that delivers a highly secured environment begins with controlling access.

Our powerful VAX Access Control solution, designed for ease-of-use and flexibility, combines intuitive user interface software with versatile hardware, delivering absolute control and real-time views from any web-browser device.

Maximize administrative efficiency and streamline operations with the only security access control system designed to simplify your user experience at every step of the way. Vicon’s VAX Access Control system features a unique “over-the-door” controller with an embedded “Request to Exit” motion sensor, status LEDs and on-board communications that simplify installation and troubleshooting. The browser-based VAX access control software is packed with management and reporting features, formatted for quick viewing and intuitive operation.  Simply put, there’s nothing else quite like it on the market.

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Key features and functions of VAX Access Control Software

Advanced Mapping

  • Ability to create custom map-based interfaces that display physical placement of VAX devices, through which users can immediately call up associated data and video.
  • Map images can be imported and then populated with icons representing doors, elevators, inputs, outputs and cameras.
  • Unlimited number of maps can be linked to provide intuitive navigation between rooms or buildings using the arrow keys.

User Time Tracking Report

  • Provides a summary of total hours that specific individuals spent within a defined area.
  • Useful for identifying anomalies in employee behavior and can help identify employees or work areas that should be subjected to more comprehensive monitoring.

Action Control Engine

  • Global linking in your access control systems and allows simultaneous action executions and scalability limited only by the hardware it’s running on.
  • Mix and match over 40 customizable actions to create complex branching action plans to meet your business needs.
  • Variables and arithmetic operations with little programming or scripting knowledge required.
  • Flexible trigger engine allows you to trigger action plans from door, input, output state changes, or upon scheduled times.

Valerus VMS 1.2 Integration

  • Automatically link Valerus video clips with corresponding VAX Access Control events, and view them immediately within the VAX interface.  This integration is FREE to Valerus and VAX users, regardless of the number of cameras or card readers you have.
  • Video verification confirms that each swiping individual actually matches the card holder’s identity, make sure no piggy-backing entry occurs and receive alerts and see who is being “denied access” in real time.

Unmanaged Doors

  • Monitor doors that are not controlled by VAX. These doors are added in VAX as “Unmanaged” door type. The doors need to have the input from the door contact connected to an input on an IO-Board (VAX-IO-EXP8PCB). The IO-Board in turn is controlled by the I/O Master Controller panel (VAX-IO-STR). Unmanaged doors are not supported on VAX-1D or VAX-2D Controller panels.

Report Templates

  • Save selected report options in a template, which can be quickly recalled later. This saves you from having to reselect options when running a report.

Innovative Controller Architecture

  • Our distinctive VAX door controller was built with a patent-pending single-board design offering an embedded ‘Request to Exit’ motion sensor, status LEDs, on-board communications, back-up battery support and removable terminal blocks.

Smart, Responsive Web-based Software

  • Streamline your daily operations with our full featured software solution that is incredibly easy and intuitive, with hot buttons for daily tasks, an overall summary screen for reminders, and tree formatting for quick viewing.
  • Our system provides absolute control and real-time views web-based device, including smartphones and tablets.

Seamless Solution Integration

  • Run all of your security activities from one application to get clearer and timelier information.
  • Vicon offers the flexibility to integrate with your existing security and business systems, such as fire control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and elevators for a total building security system.

VAX Software

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