A Special Offer for Customers Securing  K-12 and Preschool Facilities

Purchase a new ViconNet video management system and Vicon will provide software licenses, free-of-charge, to the local police or law enforcement agency responsible for securing your facility or campus.*



  • Let law enforcement view video instantly as emergencies unfold
  • Facilitate smarter intervention when necessary 
  • Flexible viewing options for stations and squad cars, including Vicon Mobile (available April 2013) 
  • Support forensic investigations with access to archived video
  • School administration can set permissions and access levels

Vicon makes it easy to let law enforcement keep an extra eye on our kids. Shouldn’t you?

 ViconNet systems are trusted by hundreds of school districts throughout the US and Canada. Contact your local sales representative for a demonstration of our products and help designing a custom solution for your school.
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* The free software for law-enforcement offer is only valid on new purchases made after February 7, 2013 for securing K-12 and preschool facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Vicon will provide law enforcement with VMS software (including VMDC software) free of charge, which may run on consumer off-the-shelf hardware that meets ViconNet performance specifications. Software pre-loaded on NVRs is available at a competitive cost. The customer is responsible for purchasing and maintaining adequate server performance to handle the total number of licenses and mobile apps that will access the system. The law enforcement agency receiving ViconNet software must be directly responsible for the safety of the school and/or campus purchasing the Vicon system. Law enforcement is responsible for the network connection from the station or vehicles. Vicon reserves the right to review and approve the quantity and type of no-charge software licenses to be provided to the supporting law enforcement organization based on intent of use. All no-charge software licenses provided to supporting law enforcement organization must be installed and used on computers owned and operated by the supporting law enforcement organization. Vicon may discontinue this offer at any time without notice.