Camera Accessories

Vicon offers a variety of camera accessories to ensure more efficient installation and maintenance of analog and networked security cameras.

IQeye Accessories

Vicon offers camera accessories designed specifically for the IQeye by Vicon camera line. These accessories include various camera mounts, vandal protection and adapters.


Vicon offers a complete line of mounts for box-style fixed cameras. Indoor ceiling and wall mounts can mount box cameras with or without housings, and all Vicon wall mounts maximize viewing angles with fully adjustable heads.


Varifocal lenses from Vicon offer adjustable focal lengths to obtain the desired field of view. From wide angle to telephoto, models are available to capture close and distant targets. IR lenses can be used with infrared illuminators and eliminate focus shift in day/night cameras. Megapixel lenses are also available.


Vicon camera housings protect fixed cameras and lenses in the harshest environments. Indoor, outdoor and explosion-proof housing options are available.

Power Supplies

For maximum system design flexibility, Vicon offers an array of individual and multi-channel power supplies for fixed cameras and PTZ’s. 24 and 28-volt AC, as well as 12-volt DC models are available.

Surge Protection

For surge protection, both on-site and at the head end, Vicon is pleased to offer a comprehensive array of products from our partner, Ditek Corporation.

IQeye Accessories

DescriptionCorner and pole mount kit for Alliance and Sentinel seriesFlush mount ceiling assembly kit for Alliance seriesGang box adapter for
Alliance-mini dome
Five-pack pendant mount (beige) for Alliance-mini domeFive-pack pendant mount (black) for Alliance-mini domeWall mount (beige) for Alliance-mini domeWall mount (black) for Alliance-mini domeGang box adapter for Alliance-mx dome
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DescriptionPendant mount kit
for Alliance-mx
Smoked vandal dome bubble and trim ring assembly for Alliance-mxVandal dome bubble
and trim ring assembly for Alliance-mx
Wall mount kit for
Auxiliary cable for select Alliance-mx and Alliance-mini modelsCover for Sentinel junction boxSentinel junction box with coverIQaccess intercom box
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IQaccess Software (combined w/intercom)

IQaccess on-camera intelligent software combined with an intercom makes it easy to know when someone is at the door.  Easy to install and operate – simply install the client software and register the IQeye camera and you’re done. IQaccess is perfect as a remote attendant and notification tool to alert the staff when a client or customer is waiting or is somewhere they shouldn’t be. It’s also a perfect tool for verifying who is at the door before letting them in.  Key applications include educational facilities, retail shops, healthcare facilities and campuses, hotel front desk, corporate offices and loading docks.


  • Field upgradeable
  • Up to 8 local or remote users
  • Free downloadable client software
  • Free camera application license
  • Two-way audio
  • After hours scheduling
  • Password protected
  • Triggered by external device (contact closure) or on-camera motion detection

IQaccess Software and Intercom

Model numberIQaccess software
Flyer English-US
A&E Spec English-US
Utility English-US


Surveyor Accessories

Product Code8373-008352-00 8350-00 8351-00 8348-10 8349-10 8374-00
  • For in-ceiling installations
  • Added support for ceiling pane
  • Wall mount
  • For indoor/outdoor installations
  • Wall mount (short) used for pendant configurations
  • For indoor/outdoor installations
  • Ceiling mount
  • For indoor or outdoor installations
  • Parapet mount
  • Goose neck configuration
  • Roof mount
  • Goose neck configuration
  • In-ceiling mounting kit
  • Added support for in-ceiling installations
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SVFT-SOFV24CMBV20B-A SVFT-PR-WMA SVFT-PR-P no-picture-accno-picture-acc
Product Code8724-00 1971-00 3691-11 8381-01 8382-00 8739-00 8140-00
  • Soffit mount
  • For outdoor SurveyorVFT and SVFT-M camera domes
  • Outside corner mounting bracket
  • Compatible with several SurveyorVFT mounts
  • For 4-10 in. diameter poles, includes mounting straps
  • Medium or heavy duty
  • Use with a variety of Vicon wall mounts
  • Wall Mount
  • Pipe adapter
  • For mounting SurveyorVFT pressurized dome to 1-1/2-in. diameter pipe
  • Pre-wired coaxial cable
  • Pre-wired twisted pair cable
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Roughneck V920D Accessories

V920-PH for V920D CamerasV920D-ICDV920D-ICH
ModelV920-PH for V920D Cameras V920D-ICD V920D-ICH
Product Code 10176-97 10176-98
  • Pendant housing adapter kit mounts V920D camera to SVFT mounting accessories
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • In-ceiling mounting kit
  • For use in drop ceiling installations
  • In-ceiling mounting kit
  • For use in hard ceiling installations
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V670/SN673V Series Camera Dome Accessories

 V660 Series Analog Camera Dome Accessories
Model V670 Series camera dome accessories
  • Mounting accessories for the indoor and outdoor camera domes
  • Heater accessory for the outdoor camera domes
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Wall/Ceiling Mount Accessories

ModelV814AWM V800ACM
Product Code 6044-00 1877-06
  • 20 lb load
  • 11.6 in. long
  • Cast aluminum
  •  7.5 lb load
  • 6 in. long
  • Molded plastic
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Varifocal Lenses

Varifocal Lenses
Model V2.8-12VF-IR V3.1-8VF-MP-IR-CS-G V2.9-8.2VF-CS-G V5-50VF-CS-G V2.8-12VF-IR-CS-G
Product Code 8305-10 9221-60 9221-00 7731-00 8305-20
Description IR (for day/night) Megapixel IR Varifocal Autoiris (2.9-8.2 mm) Autoiris (5-50 mm) Autoiris (2.8-12 mm)
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IQeye Lens Specification

LensCamera ModelHFOV Telephoto [N, S Models]HFOV Wide [N, S Models]HFOV Telephoto [WDR Models]HFOV Wide [WDR Models]MM RatingF-StopIris OpertionLens Mount
V6IQ761, IQ86124°18°12-40mmF1.8ManualCS
IQ762, IQ86211°30°18°12-40mmF1.8ManualCS
IQ763, IQ86311°30°10º24°12-40mmF1.8ManualCS
IQ765, IQ86528°12-40mmF1.8ManualCS
V17IQ761, IQ86132°82°27º70°3.3-10mmF1.4ManualCS
IQ762, IQ86235°98°27º70°3.3-10mmF1.4ManualCS
IQ763, IQ86336°94°28º75°3.3-10mmF1.4ManualCS
IQ765, IQ86536°93°3.3-10mmF1.4ManualCS
W2IQ762, IQ86287°115°76˚102˚1.8-3mmF1.8ManualCS
IQ763, IQ86387°115°78˚106˚1.8-3mmF1.8ManualCS
IQ765, IQ86587°115°1.8-3mmF1.8ManualCS


Special Purpose Housings

V2420 SeriesV1410H100-PoEHPEO-70W-INJ
Model V2420 Series V1410H100-PoEHPOE-70W-INJ
  • Fully integrated pan-and-tilt, camera housing and telemetry receiver
  • 316L stainless-steel construction
  • Explosion-proof (EExd) for use in ATEX designated hazardous areas
  • 316L stainless-steel construction
  • Explosion-proof (EExd) for use in ATEX designated hazardous areas
  • Integrated window heater, demister, sunshield and washer/wiper options
  • Vandal-proof outdoor housing for network box cameras, with built-in PoE
  • Aluminum housing (IK 10) and waterproof (IP66) with D-fog heater
  • Power management module distributes PoE/12VDC to different components inside housing
  • UPoE midspan injector, for use with the HPOE-100 housing
  • Delivers up to 60W over four pairs of standard Ethernet cabling (Cat5e or better)
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Power Supplies

Power Supplies for Surveyor Camera Dome Systems

Product Code7030-107028-106410-206422-108437-00
Description28VAC output24VAC output120VAC input, 24/28VAC output120VAC input, 24VAC output120VAC input, 24/28VAC output
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Camera Power Supplies

Product Code4297-007668-007669-00
Description120VAC to 24VAC120VAC to 24VAC x 8 channels120VAC to 24VAC x 16 channels
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PoE Backup UPS

Model numberV-POE-UPS
  • PoE input
  • Eliminates data loss upon power or connection failure
  • Backup up to 1 hour
  • Connect inline to any PoE edge device
  • No setup required
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Surge Protection

Product Code N/A4615-00
  • IP video power & data surge protection
  • Can be used at camera site or at individual NVR/power supply feed
  • RJ-45 connection protects all four video/data pairs
  • Two pairs of power protection
  • Automatically resets to protect against multiple surges
  • Conforms to EIA/TIA standards for data transmission
  • Video equipment surge protection
  • Protects video equipment from induced power surges in video lines
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