Vicon Launches Superior Customer Service Initiative for the Americas

New 5-Point Plan Aims to Deliver Increased Support and Shorter Wait Times


Vicon Industries is pleased to announce an extensive upgrade to the company’s customer service program, effective July 25, 2011. The new 5-point plan will enhance the customer experience from many angles by improving the company’s technical and personnel infrastructure and adding new pre- and post-sale professional support services. These services will be available for customers throughout the Americas as well as International customers who are serviced through Vicon’s U.S. Headquarters.

  1. Improving Support Access to Authorized Dealers: Effective July 25th, customers calling for technical support will be required to verify their status by providing a customer ID number in order to be passed through to the technical support queue. Request for support from other sources will be directed to their dealer/integrator for technical support. There are exceptions to this policy for specific installations.
  2. Additional Support Personnel: In recent months, Vicon has added increased staffing of our technical support team by 50%. This should result in a considerable decrease in wait time for phone support and onsite field support.
  3. Professional Services Program: Vicon is introducing a menu of professional services designed to ensure a trouble-free experience, from system configuration and installation to long-term operation. These services include “Vicon Classroom” – customized, hands-on training provided at the customer’s location of choice; “Field Services and Project Engineering” – Vicon engineers working onsite to commission and deploy new systems and providing on-going streamlined communication as a single point-of-contact; and “Factory Direct System Pre-Configuration” – the hassle free convenience of having all components for a system pre-configured by in-house engineers before they ship, including pre-registration of all software licenses. (See our print ad.)
  4. Paring of Support for Obsolete Equipment: By eliminating time-consuming support for obsolete equipment, Vicon can promise shorter wait times for customers requiring assistance with current hardware and software.
  5. Phone System: We are in the process of transitioning to a new automated phone system that will route technical support callers more quickly to the correct support specialist. Once in place, this system will also allow callers placed on hold to preserve their space within the help queue but to hang up and wait for a call back when their turn arrives. Vicon also offers the option to schedule a call back appointment for tech support for a specific date and time. This can be done by completing a tech support request form.

Please speak with your Vicon Sales Representative if you have any questions about this program or would like to verify your status as an Authorized Dealer. Also, we have prepared a list of quick tips that may further improve upon your experience  when seeking future technical support. Please take time to review this list at your convenience.